Kant | Forgiveness | Hope

postdoctoral fellow at goethe university frankfurt


 I’m a postdoctoral researcher (Akademische Rätin a. Z.) at Goethe University Frankfurt where I work at the Chair of Modern Philosophy. Before that, I was a research fellow (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at Ruhr University Bochum at the Chair of Political Philosophy, and research fellow in the DFG-funded project “Defeasible Discourse Dependent Concepts” (Anfechtbare Zuschreibungsbegriffe) in Frankfurt. I’m a co-editor of the „Zeitschrift für Philosophische Literatur“.

I specialize in practical philosophy, broadly construed, including the history of ethics (mainly Kant), moral psychology (especially forgiveness, hope, and philosophy of the emotions in general) and practical rationality. Further, I have research and teaching experience in political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophy of religion and epistemology.


bloeser (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de

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